We are a Mother/Daughter duo with a knack for making you feel at home. Drawn by the flexibility and independence of owning your own business, we left the corporate world behind in the pursuit of the American Dream! After a  little personal research we recognized a need in our small town and surrounding area for a high quality elective prenatal ultrasound service and we decided that was a perfect fit for our personalities and skill sets.  We are committed to focusing on every Mama along with her closest family and friends as we provide premier services!

Elective prenatal ultrasounds require no certification, however,  we wanted to be sure we were able to provide excellent service to you so we researched trainers in the industry and hired two of the best to help us learn the different approaches to Elective Prenatal Ultrasounds. We look forward to sharing what we have learned with you!

Beckie –Mom

Mother of 3 natural children and 3 more bonus kids, I am married to an established local business owner who has been an invaluable mentor and contributor to the process of becoming my own boss! His experience and reaction to seeing his granddaughter for the first time via 4D ultrasound was a huge inspiration to us starting this business!

I spent the first half of my career in Emergency Medical Dispatch and was part of the pioneering team that delivered life-saving instructions to Stanislaus County. The last half of my career was spent  focusing on corporate training. Now on the third leg of my work-life, I am so excited about how technology has been instrumental to enhancing the experience of the modern family and I love that I get to a part of it!

Ember – Daughter

Mother of two amazing little kids and married to a very supportive husband who works diligently for the City of Oakdale. His hard work and building skills became the backbone of our studio and have been instrumental to a smooth-running workspace! 

I am a Medical Assistant and worked for a local dermatologist, helping in surgeries and other treatments,  for several years before moving to a new role at a health insurance provider in Stanislaus County. The best part of my previous career has been developing relationships and personally working with patients and getting to know them and their families. I am excited to be included in the joy of your experience in seeing your baby’s face for the first time!

Our Studio

We recognize that the feel of the studio is a big part of your Ultrasound Experience. We carefully considered every aspect of our studio and chose furniture that will make you feel like royalty. We wanted it to be relaxing as well so we added soft blues and greys and some beautiful watercolors for the walls in our waiting area. As for the session space, we softened it up with pale pink velvet and added our giant Himalayan salt lamp for extra peace and tranquility. We want you to know you are being pampered from the moment you walk in and throughout your session! Come visit and see for yourself. We can’t wait to meet you and your growing family!


Need an early or late appointment? Call us! We will work with you!

Monday – Saturday  10:00 am – 7:00 pm

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Address 150 E. E Street Oakdale, Ca 95361

Phone : 209-322-2042

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